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Armed with passion and ambition, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) strives daily to support a wide range of projects, and all Francophone or Francophile workers and entrepreneurs from our community. Allow us to share our expertise and intuition, visions and reflections to assist you.

Business Start-Up

Build solid foundations and launch into the business world.

Business Expansion

Let your dreams soar with advice and support from the SDE.

Business Networking

Create long-lasting business connections through memorable meetings.

Workforce & Career

Opportunities await, view our Career Focus Program

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What People Say About Us

The SDE has always played a crucial role in my development as an entrepreneur by providing support and giving me the tools to grow my business.

Pascal Bouchard, Pascal Bouchard Design
Each time I visit the SDE, I leave with suggestions and advice that help me to persevere as an entrepreneur and to develop what has become both my passion and my company.
Nicole Peticlerc, Open your heart for healing
As for all service companies and organizations, establishing and managing your network is essential for building a successful and long-lasting business. The SDE has been a great help to us in developing our Francophone network.
J. Robert Thibodeau, Thibodeau Architecture + Design

Objectif Carrière was a wonderful opportunity in our organizational development as it allowed us to hire two full-time employees for one year. Without this help, we could not have filled our needs.

Rémi Marien, Conseil Jeunesse

SDE: Supporting B.C.’s Cultural Mosaic

By | 1 June 2018|Categories: 20th Anniversary|

It’s a privilege to be a part of one of the most diverse provinces in our country. With June 27 marking Canadian Multiculturalism Day, we want to highlight our support to individuals new to our province and our initiatives to help reduce their barriers to achieving successful economic integration. [...]

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Celebration of the Senses

As part of the celebrations for Canada's 150th anniversary, the SDECB invites you to discover the riches of our region and our heritage. Come explore the area through five exceptional events that will awaken all your senses. Meet the local artisans and celebrate with you their know-how inherited from over 150 years of history.