Be open to the unexpected

Are you familiar with the myth of the lonely, unhappy entrepreneur? Neither are we. You are more likely to be sociable and open-minded, and we know how much you thrive on the exchange of ideas and perspectives to help you move forward. Since we speak the same language at the SDECB, we have created business opportunities that are sure to yield many productive encounters and meetings. You will be able to tap into invaluable help and crucial support throughout the various development stages of your business.

Ever since I met the SDE team, my career as an entrepreneur has taken off! I received media support and help to grow my projects. As a woman, I had the opportunity to expand my network.

Océane De Decker
Polykromy Consulting Inc.

Like all service companies, establishing and managing its network is paramount to its success and sustainability. The SDE team has helped us to develop our francophone network.

J. Robert Thibodeau
Thibodeau Architecture+Design