Stay the course

From solopreneurs to corporations, our services in French are as personalized and unique as your way of launching your own business. Solopreneurs, small- and medium-sized businesses, incubators and corporations, or even social enterprises are all invited to take advantage of the expertise and services in French of the SDECB to help you ride out challenging conditions on the way to achieving business success.

How do you define yourself?

Are you both captain and crew of your ship?
Do you have a small, proud and strong team aboard your ship?
Do you have a more imposing ship and team navigating the business world
Are you receiving support for your business launch?
Do you feel like you are at the helm of your very own passenger liner?
Are you sailing for the common good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the right service for you!

As entrepreneurs, we appreciate the generous strategic advice, encouragement and corporate resources provided by the SDE.

Térence Doucet
LE DOUCET Design Group

Being my own boss, it’s a great comfort to feel constantly surrounded by professionals at the SDE who encourage and support me as my company evolves.

Anie Rodier
Rodiera Ostheopathy