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Group Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

Join a community of ambitious women entrepreneurs keen on growth. Harness the power of group synergy to nurture your business and enhance your skills!

Next mentoring group: September 11, 2024

mentorat pour femmes entrepreneurs

Women's group mentoring

What is Group Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs?

As a female entrepreneur, you’ve amassed valuable experience and cultivated significant professional networks. You’ve courageously chosen to explore new opportunities, expand your business, assemble a team, or venture into new markets. Yet, we recognize that balancing professional growth with personal life can be daunting. Rest assured, you’re not alone in this journey!

Thanks to funding from the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, the SDÉCB has partnered with WeBC, The Forum, and Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) to introduce, for the first time, mentoring groups specifically tailored to women in business, offered in both French and English, nationwide.

SDÉCB takes pride in this partnership and is delighted to host the mentoring groups (Peer Growth Mentoring) in French for women entrepreneurs in British Columbia and across Canada.

Why Join?

Discover fresh perspectives and gain essential insights into your business challenges and growth prospects through our Group Mentoring program, which adopts a solution-oriented approach.

Led by seasoned mentors from the business world, our sessions facilitate active learning, enabling participants to address problems in real-time.

For those who have embarked on the entrepreneurial path, group mentoring serves as a valuable resource. Connecting with fellow women entrepreneurs who share a growth mindset can greatly enrich your entrepreneurial journey!

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How Mentoring Can Benefit You

Gain insights from a variety of perspectives and experiences within the group.

Tap into collective intelligence to explore solutions collaboratively.

Accelerate your learning by leveraging the collective knowledge of the group.

Overcome the feeling of overwhelm often associated with responsibilities and challenges.

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How to Participate in the Women Mentoring Program?

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be actively managing a revenue-generating business in Canada.
  • Your primary focus should be on expanding your business.
  • You identify as a woman and are at least 19 years old.

Application Process

  • Submit your application via the admission form.
  • Formation of the mentoring group with businesses having complementary needs and objectives.

  • Unsuccessful candidates will be placed on the waiting list and notified of the next group opening.

Program Cost

  • An entry fee of $150 is required. Participants who achieve 75% attendance will receive a refund.
  • The Group Mentoring program (Peer Groups for growth-minded women) is valued at $2,500. Thanks to a grant from the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, the program is free for all participants in 2023/2024 (conditions apply).

Next Cohort in September 11, 2024


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Partners of the Growth Peer Mentoring Program:
The C3 project is funded by the Canadian Government's Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.