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Series of 4 online workshops for Francophone newcomers

Are you a Francophone newcomer or a skilled immigrant with a permanent resident status who wants to integrate into the British Columbia labour market on a long-term basis?

In partnership with Douglas College, the SDECB offers a series of 4 workshops to help you understand and integrate the specificities of the BC job market: contract and employment law, CV and job interviews, integration and cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

Register now to accelerate your job search and succeed in your professional integration in Canada.

Workshop 1 : Knowing your rights in the workplace

  • Standard rules and regulations
  • How to speak up about challenges (payroll issues, laws about break times and overtime etc.)
  • Sorting out work permits, CERBs, COVID19 and work for immigrants / CERBs / worker rights / work safe rules / employer rights refer to legal aid / employer rights / pro bono legal aid / advice



Ann Norris has 30 years of experience in the Career Development field both as a Career Developer and as an owner of a company providing Career Development services for the Provincial and Federal Governments as well as Worksafe, and the Forest Workers Long Term Disability Program. She has been teaching in the Career Development Program at Douglas College since 2016.  Ann has a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University.

In her work In career development she has worked with a wide range of persons seeking employment including persons with disabilities, youth at risk, older workers, new immigrants and others. In this work Ann has developed expertise in interpreting both the Employment Standards ACT of B.C. and the Human Rights ACT of B.C. as they apply to job seekers and employees. She has developed corporate policy and assisted other employers in developing corporate policy to ensure that workers’ rights are met.

Next workshops :

  • October 1, 2020: Speed Jobbing Prep
  • November 5, 2020 : Workplace expectations
  • November 19, 2020 : Teamwork

Information : 

  • Each workshop requires a separate registration. You can register for one or more workshops.
  • Registration is mandatory in order to receive the ZOOM link to participate in the workshops.
  • The participation link will be sent to you 1 hour before the beginning of the session, on the email address you will have transmitted during your registration

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