A wide-ranging expertise to better carve out your place

The Société de Développement Économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) does not believe that all paths are mapped out in advance for you. That is why it offers guidance and assistance in expanding the boundaries of your entrepreneurial projects by providing services that are free of charge, current, and primarily in French.

Bolstered by extensive business expertise and many partnerships with the Francophone community, we have all the necessary resources on hand to help make your ideas and your entrepreneurial project a reality. From business networking to the hiring of workers, the SDECB offers you support and advice, whatever your destination may be.

The SDE’s mentoring sessions gave me practical support in areas that I thought I mastered. Not only did the speakers make quality presentations, but I also had the chance to talk to them about issues in my industry.

Carine McEwen
De Vous à Moi

As entrepreneurs, we appreciate the generous strategic advice, encouragement and corporate resources provided by the SDE.

Térence Doucet
LE DOUCET Design Group