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The SDECB offers a more complete range of services to economic immigrants, to build their capacity to contribute to the province’s economic vitality. To do so, various programs, services and events are offered to facilitate the integration and build the capacities of newcomers through its offices in Vancouver and Kelowna.

These services are also available to employers to raise awareness about hiring Francophones and support them in their recruitment.

Our services :

For the employers

Are you looking for new talent? We can help you! Participate in our recruitment events, share your job offer with our network and recruit French-speaking talent!


For the candidates

Interested in starting or continuing your career in BC? You’ve come to the right place! The SDECB offers various programs and activities to facilitate your professional integration.


Francophone mobility program

The Francophone mobility program allows Canadian employers outside Quebec to quickly and easily recruit skilled Francophone workers internationally.

The SDECB makes employers aware of the opportunities to recruit skilled and bilingual newcomers. The Francophone mobility program is one of the solutions that facilitates the hiring and integration of Francophone or bilingual foreign workers into the B.C. labour market.

Practical resources

Visit the Government website for more information on the Francophone mobility program.

>> Website

Discover our guide on the Francophone mobility program to help you succeed in your recruitment efforts.

>> View the guide

Upcoming Events

Structured Mentoring and Canadian Work Experience Program

1 October
@ 0 h 00
- 19 December
@ 23 h 30

Adapting to the Gig Economy

14 December
@ 10 h 00
- 12 h 00

Managing Remote Employee Wellness

18 January 22
@ 12 h 00
- 13 h 30

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