Tailor-made services for candidates and employers

With a wealth of experience in economic development and integration in British Columbia, the SDECB offers a complete package of employment assistance services, to promote the hiring and integration of Francophone or bilingual newcomers in the local job market.

Through innovative programs, recurrent events and personalized coaching, employers and candidates benefit from having the appropriate resources and tools to facilitate the recruitment and integration process, and to support their long-term growth

The SDECB’s service offering was designed in response to the new realities and new challenges that are shaping today’s labour market, in order to enable businesses and individuals alike to contribute actively and effectively to the province’s economic vitality, while at the same time promoting their own growth.

The SDECB has supported the economic development of businesses and newcomers for more than 20 years, through projects and services intended to revitalize and enhance the Francophone community in British Columbia. Every year, the SDECB supports more than 450 newcomers in their careers, organizes dozens of workshops and events, and supports various companies in their recruitment plans.

SDECB is proud to partner with many key economic development and employment agencies in B.C., such as IEC-BC, WorkBC and IRCC, as well as an extensive and loyal network of entrepreneurs and employers, who contribute to the vitality, longevity and continuous improvement of its service offering.

Our services :

For employers

Are you seeking new talents? The SDECB offers personalized coaching and effective programs, to facilitate the recruitment of skilled Francophone candidates, who are prepared beforehand for the Canadian labour market, allowing them to integrate and perform better.


For immigrant candidates

Are you looking to start a company or to pursue a career in British Columbia? The SDECB can help you to find a skilled job that matches your career goals, while preparing you for the local market, giving you the keys to successfully integrate, and connecting you with potential employers.


Discover our programs

Francophone Mobility Program

The Francophone Mobility Program is an economical solution enabling Canadian employers outside of Quebec to quickly and easily recruit Francophone or bilingual foreign workers.

ASCEND Program

ASCEND (Applied Skills Curriculum to Empower Newcomer Development) is an innovative online program, developed in partnership with IEC-BC,
to help newcomers develop the skills that they will need in the Canadian labour market.

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Jessica Rogers – jrogers@sdecb.com
Director of the Economic Immigration Program

Yohan Lamoly – ylamoly@sdecb.com
Senior Project Coordinator – Structured Mentorship and Canadian Experience Program

Mirelle Beck – mbeck@sdecb.com
Employment Services Officer – Francophone Economic Integration Program


Jean-François Filion – jffilion@sdecb.com
Development Officer – Promotional program for the hiring of Francophone immigrants

Tien Thuy Le – tienthuyle@sdecb.com
Liaison Officer – Newcomer Development Skills Program ASCEND and Youth Employment

Alexandre Valy – avaly@sdecb.com 
Employment Services Officer South Okagnagan – Immigrant Economic Integration Program


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