French in British Columbia

Thanks to the keen eye of the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB), which identifies new businesses and organizations offering French-language tourism services in the province every year, the bilingual offer is growing every day and attracting a new clientele to British Columbia from both domestic and international markets.

Immersion through travel

To give community members, tourists and future immigrants a taste for discovering British Columbia, the SDECB takes into account the expertise of its partners in the tourism industry and draws on current market trends to regularly develop itineraries and tours illustrating Francophone heritage and culture, the diversity of the various regions and its businesses, the richness of the land and the province’s most beautiful natural attractions, with a constant concern for providing them with authentic experiences.


Directory of tourist activities in French

Francophone Entrepreneurs

Join our directory of more than 300 addresses, which we promote through articles and blogs to strengthen your organization’s prosperity and that of British Columbia’s francophone economy.


Francophone Tourists

To help plan your trip, discover, by region and by sector of activity, more than 300 addresses with service in French.


Discover our francophone communities and the resources of the tourism industry

In parallel with the promotion of British Columbia as a destination and its businesses, the SDECB uses its tourism website and other social media platforms to give visibility to events organized by provincial Francophone associations as well as to make the resources offered by the provincial, national and international tourism industry available to entrepreneurs and job seekers.


Discover the British Columbia Économusée Network

Économusée® is a network of more than 70 certified destinations in Canada and Northern Europe where exchange and innovation come together to the delight of visitors and artisans. The Économusée network highlights processing companies that value traditional trades that contribute to the economic development and cultural tourism of their communities. Both a cultural learning experience and a showcase for authentic products, the Économusée combines dialogue and sharing in a unique way. A catalyst and guide for the Économusée® initiative, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) works to facilitate the economic growth of rural communities through cultural tourism.