The sharing of know-how

There are more than 70 certified Économusées® in a network spanning Canada and extending to Northern Europe, and where exchange and innovation go hand in hand, to the delight of visitors and artisans alike. The Économusée network showcases manufacturing enterprises that value traditional trades and contribute to economic development and cultural tourism in their communities. In providing an experience of cultural learning alongside the development and marketing of authentic products, the Économusée offers a unique combination of dialogue and sharing.


As both catalyst and guide for the Économusée® initiative, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) works to promote economic growth in rural communities through cultural tourism.

Become a member of a network that celebrates artisanal production

Artisans who are weavers of stories and conveyors of culture, did you know that sharing your knowledge and skills could contribute to the development of your community? If you create authentic handmade products and you like to share your know-how with visitors, then the Économusée® experience is for you. By working in the British Columbia network of Économusées, you enable the world to have a glimpse of your know-how, facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next, and benefit from a showcase beyond compare.


Through the support of the SDECB, you will be coached by a team of experts who will help you obtain your Économusée® certification or implement a development project with the network. Creating a marketing plan and investing in the improvement of your infrastructure if necessary, while the SDECB contributes its expertise and invests financially in the design, research, graphic design and production of the interpretation elements of your Économusée®.

Meet our artisans at work

Discover a network that goes back to basics and calls upon the senses thanks to the members of British Columbia’s Économusées. Smell, touch, taste, listen and watch artisanal production in its pure state with the Cider Making Économusée, the Herbology Économusée, the Chairmaking Économusée and more. By visiting artisans in their workshop, you will share in history, know-how and the passion of a uniquely creative person. Such meetings transcend time and provide not only an incomparable opportunity for learning, but also allow for firsthand contact with culture and heritage.

Discover our Économusées

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