A voice that is growing ever stronger

Thanks to the keen eye of the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB), which surveys the province each year for new businesses and organizations offering services in French, the bilingual tourist offer is growing daily and attracting a new clientele to British Columbia from domestic and international Francophone markets. Join our directory of more than 350 addresses, mixed with articles and itineraries to grow B.C.’s Francophone economy and help you prosper at the same time.

Discover the opportunities of the tourist industry

Drawing on the knowledge and resources of its partners in the tourist industry, including some education and employment specialists, the SDECB facilitates workshops on request to raise awareness about careers in tourism. It also facilitates the recruitment of young people and immigrants, guiding and informing them in this industry that is growing by leaps and bounds in British Columbia.

Immersion through travel

In order to encourage the Francophone and Francophile community in British Columbia, future immigrants and foreign tourists to discover our province, the SDECB uses recent market trends to regularly develop programs and itineraries illustrating Francophone heritage and culture, the variety of the regions and their businesses, the bounty of local food and drink, and B.C.’s most beautiful natural attractions, always focusing on authentic experiences.

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