ProAction première expérience canadienne

ProAction – Structured Mentoring and Canadian Work Experience


Are you a newcomer to Canada, and you’re francophone or bilingual? Are you looking for a job in your field that fits your skill level?


Is your Canadian business looking for qualified workers? Are you looking to hire bilingual (English/French) candidates?

If so, this program can help you, easily and at no cost!

In fact, in this program, our mission is to put employers and candidates in contact, in order to fill the shortage of qualified, bilingual (English/French) workers in Canadian businesses, all while facilitating the integration of francophone and bilingual newcomers.

This program will help you to:

  • Land your first Canadian position in your field
  • Learn a new trade or the Canadian particularities of it
  • Better integrate in your new Canadian workplace

Eligibility Criteria :

  • This program is for skilled bilingual Fr/En immigrants with a Canadian Language Benchmark of 6 and more in both languages,
  • Who have a permanent resident status, are new citizens, accepted refugees, or have a temporary work permit
  • Who reside in BC
  • Who are unemployed or underemployed
  • Who have been living in Canada for less than 10 years
  • Who have never worked in their field in Canada

As an employer, this program will allow you to:

  • Benefit from the expertise of the SDECB, and that of its partners at the SEO and the CDEM, and receive their support to find highly qualified individuals
  • Receive a salary subsidy during the first 16 weeks of contract of the newly hired employee


  • This program is for BC employers with at least two years in business
  • The companies must want to hire bilingual (Fr and Eng) candidates . However, it is not required to use French in the workplace.
  • The position for which they recruit a candidate must be a full-time position of at least 6 months, and must enter in the categories 0, A or B of the National Occupational Classification
  • We will also require that employers designate a mentor from within their organization to follow-up with the candidate they hire

Learn more about the eligibility criteria of the candidates under the following section “I have recently arrived in Canada or I hope to move to Canada and find employment”

Having already proven its worth in a pilot project in Ontario, the Pan-Canadian Program for Business Integration of Francophone and Bilingual Newcomers offers a unique assistance to a substantial problem in Canada.

On one hand, companies are constantly searching for qualified workers able to respond to an often increasing demand. At the same time, talented, trained people coming from other countries often find themselves without jobs, or occupying posts well below their skill level.

Our mission is to put employers and candidates in contact so as to benefit each other


Yohan Lamoly
Senior Project Coordinator –

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