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SDE: Our Commitment to a Greener Economy

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At the SDE, we are committed to supporting the growth of the green economy in British Columbia. Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and in honour of this event, we are celebrating our contributions to sustainable development.

April’s logo has been spruced up (pun intended) using a leaf pattern and earthy colours of green and blue to commemorate our commitment to sustainable initiatives.


SDE is extremely proud to have worked closely with the CSF and Albor Pacific teams that developed an environmental education project in 2016. EcoNova allows 37 schools of the CSF to participate in agroecological activities. Practical activity guides are developed to support students and teachers to put into practice fun and educational activities, that fit into the class curriculum. Students are also encouraged to create videos of their projects to publish on EcoNova’s vlog as a way to promote creativity and enrich collaboration.

This initiative paves the way for our young people to make sustainable choices for the future of our planet.

Passing Knowledge Across Generations

The SDE obtained additional funding to add a community component to the EcoNova project, enabling Francophone seniors and young students from Victoria, Kelowna and Comox to participate together in agroecological activities (seeding, harvesting and processing of fruits and vegetables). The purpose of this community component is to break the isolation of seniors and allow them to pass on to young people their knowledge of seeding and processing techniques. These activities also allow young people to be in direct contact with nature and to learn from seniors. This project is a real success and SDE is proud to have contributed to this community initiative.

Sustainable Development

SDE is actively engaged in promoting sustainability and participates in several initiatives related to sustainable development. We are devoted to raising awareness of global environmental issues and taking actions to counter the depletion of natural resources in B.C. and around the world. We feel that the word of Donald Cyr, our General Director, best summarize our sustainability goals:

“The SDE is committed to continuing the growth of sustainable initiatives. We intend to raise awareness and encourage B.C. Francophone entrepreneurs to incorporate a sustainable management approach into their businesses.”

For more information on how your business can profit from sustainable innovation, contact

Check out EcoNova’s vlog here to see some of the fun experiments the kids have been participating in.


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