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SDE: Supporting B.C.’s Cultural Mosaic

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It’s a privilege to be a part of one of the most diverse provinces in our country. With June 27 marking Canadian Multiculturalism Day, we want to highlight our support to individuals new to our province and our initiatives to help reduce their barriers to achieving successful economic integration.

This month, SDE’s logo showcases a Canadian maple leaf in many different colours to visually represent our diversity. The pattern is used to signify our continuous work and initiatives towards the economic integration of immigrants in British Columbia.

Armed with our awareness kit, our network of ambassador companies, and our expertise in the economic field, the SDE offers many programs to successfully integrate Francophone and Francophile immigrants into B.C.’s economy. Here are a few:

Team Up Program

Funded by: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

The Team Up program, created in 2017 in collaboration with IRCC, aims to provide local businesses with information, tools and advice to recruit and develop a diverse and productive workforce, while minimizing the challenges and barriers that may come along with being an “immigrant friendly” company.

Team Up Aims To:

  • facilitate access to Francophone talents in B.C.;
  • introduce qualified candidates;
  • provide tools and resources for the recruitment and integration of Francophone immigrants;
  • inform and support immigrant workers with available grants (such as our Career Focus Program); and,
  • connect companies with our partners.

For more information on the Team Up program, please visit our website here.

Career Focus Program

Funded by: Service Canada

The Career Focus program (Programme Objectif Carrière), part of the Youth Employment Strategy, provides funding for organizations and employers to create and implement a range of activities that develop skills for youth and assist them in making more informed career decisions. The program was launched in 2016, and in its first two years, has succeeded in finding work placements for 42 young individuals in various businesses.

Career Focus aims to:

  • increase the supply of highly skilled workers;
  • facilitate the transition of highly qualified youth to an ever-changing labour market; and
  • advocate for the benefits of advanced education.

For more information on the Career Focus program, please visit our website here.

Opportunities Abroad

In 2003, the SDE presented a CD-ROM about investing in B.C. (Investir en C.-B.) at the Consulate General of France. This was one of the first initiatives to develop business and partnership opportunities with Francophone countries. Since then, the SDE has participated in missions to recruit workers abroad and has developed relationships with local partners to promote the tourism industry.

We look forward to continuing to promote programs and initiatives to support economic integration of immigrants wishing to embark on a fresh start in our province. For more information on how the SDE can assist Francophone/Francophile newcomers in British Columbia, visit our website here.


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