With the Team Up program, the SDECB, in collaboration with IRCC, aims to provide local businesses with all the insights, tools and advice they need to hire and manage a productive and diverse workforce while minimizing the challenges and barriers.

Hiring made easy

As mentioned in a previous article, a culturally diverse workforce should be considered as one of the greatest assets for your business, as it benefits companies in countless ways, contributing to their efficiency and creating a competitive advantage.

But how to find immigrant talents? Where should you get started? And how can you ensure to hire the right fit for your company?

This is where Team Up goes in! Financed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, this program guides B.-C. businesses throughout the whole process of finding, hiring and retaining immigrant, especially Francophone, talents, in a diverse and inclusive workplace, by:
– Facilitating access to Francophone talents in BC
– Presenting qualified candidates
– Providing tools and resources for the recruitment and integration of Francophone immigrants
– Inform and support you with available grants (such as our Career Focus Program)
– Connecting you with our partners

Let’s have a look at some key steps along which we can support you, to help find your rare gem:

CONNECT you with the Francophone talents pool

First thing first: you want to identify the talent pool fitting with the essential job duties and skills needed, as well as the most relevant job advertising media.

– When reviewing your job postings, be sure to identify the key communication skills required, the usefulness of another language, and don’t forget to use plain language.

– When posting the job offer, besides your company website and online job boards, you may want to consider other potentially effective advertising channels, such as immigrant media and publications, networking, professional and trade associations, local immigrant settlement agencies, language training programs, and community associations (like SDECB).

A winning strategy? Cultivate relationships with immigrant resource centres or community organizations!

HIRE the candidate with the skills and experience required

Once you have connected with the relevant communities, start setting up a screening and candidates’ skills assessment strategy.

– When looking for immigrant candidates, it is important to focus on the content rather than on the style, as you shouldn’t expect perfect English. Typos or grammatical errors do not mean that a person can’t communicate effectively.

– Likewise, when it comes to reviewing the skills that you identified during the job description process, you may want to look for related work experience, whether they occurred in Canada or abroad. Even if a Canadian work experience is a strong asset for a candidate, there are also benefits to bringing in someone who has additional skills and an international experience.

A winning strategy? If academic credentials are required, seek an official assessment from recognized assessment organizations (ICES or WES).

RETAIN your foreign workers with ongoing development opportunities

Once you find the perfect fit for your company, you should strive to keep them within your team! That’s why it is important to provide them with values, structure and development opportunities that help them adjust to the workplace, feel welcome and grow within the company.

For example:
– Provide a thorough orientation by clarifying the workplace values, including how teams and management work together and operate.
– Provide to the new hire a “peer-buddy” or a mentor of any background who is available for questions and support.
– Develop a workplace that embraces culture, by regularly updating equity policies, recruiting processes and training procedures to ensure diversity initiatives remain current.
– Include opportunities for individual development as well as team-building exercise, and work with employees to develop action plans for their goals.

To learn more about and benefit from the SDECB’s services towards the recruitment of skilled and diverse talents:

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IEC-BC Webinar: Wednesday, March 21 – 10:00AM – 11:00 AM PDT
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Caroline Berger, Project Manager, Immigration and Employment Sector: cberger@sdecb.com