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Are you an employer who requires innovation and ambition? Are you on the lookout for eager workers with unlimited potential? Or searching for experts ready to roll up their sleeves and confront challenges? You will find all of this and more through our recruitment and talent development programs.

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Are you a young professional yearning to find a wall where you can display your diploma? Keen to climb the ranks? Or to acquire an expertise and polish it to a gleam? Make a grand entrance into the workplace with our programs that will help you land a stimulating internship, or build and expand your talent in a company setting.

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The program provided by the SDE was particularly helpful to me in targeting potential employers, and the SDE supported my job applications by contacting them directly.

Samuel Champagne

Career Focus was a great opportunity that allowed us to hire two full-time staff for one year. Without this financial assistance, we would not have been able to meet our needs.

Rémi Marien
Conseil Jeunesse