Get to know the team behind SDECB’s projects, initiatives and consulting services.

Mylène Letellier
Mylène LetellierExecutive Director
With a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and Marketing and a Certificate in Women’s Executive Leadership from Cornell University, Mylene has over 25 years of business experience in both the private and public sectors. She spent 5 years as the Chief Operating Officer before taking on the responsibilities of the Executive Director on April 1, 2022 at the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB). She relies on a dedicated and experienced team to advance the various initiatives of her organization. She sits on numerous national tables and working committees of the Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité.
Marie-Noël Holland
Marie-Noël HollandCommunity Economic Development Director
Marie-Noel has several strings to her bow and enjoys a very diverse multicultural experience. Originally from Ivory Coast, she studied and worked in Africa, France and Canada. This cultural diversity is felt in her humor appreciated by her colleagues. Holder of a master’s degree in business administration and strong of more than a decade of support to Francophone organizations in the drafting of funding applications and results-based management principles, Marie-Noël is working to develop and to implement SDE’s economic development and employability projects for the benefit of our entrepreneurs, youth and associations. She intends to use her experience to advance the priority economic issues of the community.
Jessica Rogers
Jessica RogersDirector of the Economic Immigration Program
Jessica, who is from Sri Lanka, had to leave her country of birth at a young age to immigrate to France with her family. This experience pushed her to pursue her studies in the field of immigration, until obtaining a master’s degree in International Law and Human Rights. Many years ago, Jessica decided to settle in British Columbia, a province she chose for her cultural diversity. As Director of the Economic Immigration Program, she brings her expertise to bear on issues related to the economic integration of immigrant
Marjorie Le Borgne
Marjorie Le BorgneCommunications & Special Projects Manager
Originally from Brittany in France, Marjorie is specialized in digital marketing and communication. After 1 year and a half of experience as a content manager in a digital agency in Versailles, she joined Brittany for a position as digital manager and social networks within the Conserverie la belle-iloise.

Curious and adventurous, she decided to discover New Zealand in a minivan, then the Fiji Islands and finally land in Canada.

Within the SDECB, she uses her creativity and experience to promote the services and activities organized by the SDECB team.

Matthieu Giacri
Matthieu GiacriBusiness Advisor
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Originally from Grenoble (France), Matthieu holds a degree in Business Management and International Affairs from a business school in Budapest (Hungary). Upon returning to France, he started his own company which he operated for 15 years, using this time to assist entrepreneurs in the Grenoble region with their business projects and advising them on pitfalls to avoid.

Passionate about consulting, creating professional networks, and project management, Matthieu joined SDÉ to assist Francophones in British Columbia with their entrepreneurial endeavors, drawing on his experience.

Joséphine Charlet
Joséphine Charlet Communication coordinator
Josephine, originally from Lyon, is a professional in international communication. After earning her Master’s degree in International Communication, she coordinated a US university exchange program in Lyon for 5 years. She then became a Community Manager at Grenoble Ecole de Management, fostering online engagement for the company for 2.5 years.

In March 2022, fueled by a passion for outdoor activities of all kinds, she relocated to Vancouver, Canada, in search of new professional opportunities and adventures. Josephine is dedicated to strengthening international connections and supporting expatriates in their adaptation, firmly believing that communication is the key to a more collaborative world. She joined SDECB with this vision in mind.

Félixe Jacques
Félixe JacquesEconomic Development Coordinator- Youth
Félixe is originally from Quebec City. This sportswoman is driven to reach the highest goals. As a student in business administration at Laval University, she is eager to spread her wings internationally. Youth and entrepreneurship around the world inspire her greatly. She has kept her childlike heart and hopes to make the youth of British Columbia shine through the projects and programs she will collaborate on.
Michael Lhotte
Michael LhotteProject Coordinator - tourisme
Michael, originally from Brittany, has a versatile and international background. With a degree in Physical Education and studies in biology, viticulture, and computer science, he transitioned from sports education to management as a Manager in Paris Monceau. During his 4-year expatriation in the United States, he studied English, volunteered in animal rescue and environmental protection, and worked with children’s associations. Driven by his passion for premium tourism and hospitality, he became the Assistant Director of Cruises for the luxury American company Regent Seven Seas, following various roles as an International Host for Costa Cruises. Additionally, he gained some brief experience as a Business Facilitator in various sectors in the United States. Michael aims to leverage his enthusiasm, analytical skills, and interpersonal abilities for the benefit of the French-speaking community’s development.
Lolita Meyer
Lolita MeyerWest coordinator - Youth and social innovation
Originally from France, Lolita has a degree in political science and specializes in sports policy. After a year’s experience in sports project management, she turned her attention to coordinating social projects within the framework of the Politique de la Ville program at the Collectivité européenne d’Alsace.
An avid mountain biker, she has always been attracted to the trails of British Columbia, and decided to move to Vancouver in May 2023.
At the SDE, she uses her experience and dynamism to coordinate the social entrepreneurship program 15-30 en action!
Stephanie Wetterwald
Stephanie WetterwaldDigital Marketing Advisor (Consultant)
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Originally from France, Stephanie lived many years abroad, until she emigrated to Canada in 2016. With a Master degree in Marketing, she worked 7 years in the media industry, including for National Geographic, as digital product manager. Since her arrival in Canada, she worked for different multinationals, like Costco or Staples, as well as startups and SMBs. She is also a marketing mentor within various entrepreneurship programs.
With years abroad, she enjoys new cultures and travels as much as she can.
Within the SDE, she uses her marketing experience to help entrepreneurs through personalised consulting as well as training programs.

Bruno Baumgartner
Bruno BaumgartnerRegional Economic Development Agent
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Previously a chef and caterer in Montreal, Bruno directs his efforts each day to improving economic development in British Columbia and increasing the success of SDECB’s entrepreneurial clients, by implementing projects and information services, or mentoring businesses. Whether it is representing the SDECB and Francophone entrepreneurs, building networks, or giving advice about specific services, Bruno wears a different hat every day to stimulate the economic community and better support local entrepreneurs.

Mireille Beck
Mireille Beck Employment Services Officer for the Okanagan Region
Originally from France, Mireille immigrated to Canada at a young age, first to the Montreal area and then to northwestern Quebec and several provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. She graduated from TRU University in Kamloops with a degree in Administration and Accounting and was one of the first career development professionals to earn the CHRC designation in British Columbia. Mireille has over 10 years of experience in the field of employment for Francophones and Francophiles in the Okanagan.
At the SDECB, Mireille puts her experience in employability in official language minority communities to work for Francophone and Francophile employers and immigrants in the region.
Vincent Catherine
Vincent CatherineEmployment Transition Specialist
Originally from Brittany, France, Vincent specialized in Human Resources after obtaining his Master’s degree in 2019. Fascinated by Canada, he took the step in 2021 via the PVT, allowing him to live unique experiences, from the production of maple syrup in Quebec to helping manage a Bed & Breakfeast in the Canadian Rockies.

At SDECB, he uses his expertise in recruitment and HR support to accompany francophones outside of Canada who wish to immigrate to
British Columbia.

Audrey Conte
Audrey ConteAdministrative and Executive Assistant
Originally from France, Audrey holds a degree in Retail Management and boasts over 15 years of experience in this field within international companies. Driven by the desire to advance her career in Canada, she pursued studies at the University of Montreal, where she earned a degree in Visual Art and Socionumeric Communication.

Passionate about exploring new horizons and nurturing her love for nature, she chose to settle in Vancouver. Drawn to new challenges, she joined SDE, dedicating herself to youth career exploration, thereby highlighting her passion for education, entrepreneurship, and her commitment to the future of the younger generations. Today, she brings her experience and expertise as an administrative and executive assistant at SDE

Ui Heang Hur
Ui Heang HurSpecialist in Employer Support and Relations
Ui Heang, originally from South Korea, embarked on his immigrant journey in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2002. After nine years there, he continued his studies in the United States, majoring in International Relations and French at SUNY Geneseo, and later earned his master’s degree in Political Science from UQAM in Montreal in 2017.

Drawing on his experiences in immigration and policy, Ui Heang transitioned into an educator and counselor role for immigrants. He founded a language school in Montreal catering to bilingual Korean temporary residents and subsequently worked in Ottawa, providing support for national projects aimed at FLS communities and French-speaking newcomers in minority situations outside Quebec. He joined SDECB to contribute to the economic development of British Columbia, leveraging his immigration and integration expertise for the benefit of employers.

Tien Thuy Le
Tien Thuy LeLiaison Agent, immigration and employment sector
Originally from Vietnam, Tien has always wanted to put her passion for the French-speaking world at the heart of her professional projects. Curious, creative, but also driven by international cooperation and cultural promotion, Tien pursued her studies in France and holds a Master’s degree in Law “Economic Cooperation and International Affairs” (Lyon Jean Moulin University). She now uses all her experience to facilitate the economic integration of French-speaking immigrants in BC and works to strengthen their employability.
Tien is also a big fan of singing and won the 2018 Vietnam French Song Festival Cup with the song “Bonjour Vietnam”.
Yannick Lolinga
Yannick Lolinga Employment Services Officer
Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yannick immigrated to France with his family at an early age. Curious and interested in cultural diversity, he pursued his university studies with a degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing and Negotiation. He also discovered different cultures by doing university exchanges in New York and Spain. Driven by the dynamism and multiculturalism of British Columbia, Yannick decided to move there in 2019.
Within the SDECB, he uses his knowledge in the fields of relational and recruitment to accompany Francophone newcomers and facilitate their professional integration in British Columbia.
Jennifer Neal
Jennifer Neal Project Development Officer
Originally from France, Jennifer has an atypical career path. After five years of studying animal osteopathy, she moved to Alberta, Canada, where she fell in love with the country. Two years later, she made a detour to New Zealand, with only one idea in mind: to return to Canada. This time, she settled in Vancouver, where she joined the SDE team to work in the community economic development sector.

She has a strong connection to animals and our planet, and is very concerned about the future of our children.

In her spare time, Jennifer develops her animal care business and enjoys the surrounding nature of British Columbia.

Alexandre Valy
Alexandre Valy Employment Services Officer South Okanagan - Immigrant Economic Integration Program
After 9 years working as a social worker with teenagers and young adults in France and traveling through Asia and South America, Alex arrived in Canada, and more specifically in the Okanagan Valley in 2017.

He is passionate about snow sports, languages and cultural exchanges. He participates in the local economic life of the city of Kelowna by being a co-owner of sports stores.

Within the SDECB, he uses his experience to benefit Francophone and Francophile employers and immigrants in the region.