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Enhance Your Potential!

The SDÉCB provides programs tailored to meet your professional challenges! Whether you’re seeking your first experience in Canada or aiming to enhance your interpersonal skills, we have the perfect program for you!

Travailler en Colombie-Britannique - Work in British Columbia
Comment travailler en Colombie-Britannique

ASCEND Program : Master the Canadian Job Market!

Succeed in your job search and integration in Canada with ASCEND, a complimentary, innovative online program! Crafted by Canadian experts and employers, ASCEND focuses on enhancing your soft skills and helping you achieve your professional objectives in Canada.

By joining SDÉCB’s cohorts, you’ll gain access to personalized support from our program manager and participate in weekly meetings. These sessions are designed to keep you motivated and provide answers to your questions, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.

7 Strategies for Your Career Sucess in B.C.

Are you a Francophone immigrant striving to find qualified employment in British Columbia? Recognizing the challenges on the path to securing a position that meets your ambitions can be daunting. That’s why the SDÉCB has crafted seven strategic approaches to help you launch, grow, and thrive in your career in B.C.


Stratégie n°1

Préparer une bonne candidature

Stratégie n°2

Faire reconnaître ses compétences

Stratégie n°3

Chercher un emploi aux bons endroits

Stratégie n°4

Postuler de façon efficace

Stratégie n°5

Réussir une bonne entrevue

Stratégie n°6

Bien s’intégrer à la nouvelle équipe

Stratégie n°7

Planifier la suite de votre carrière

Interested in discovering more about these strategies? Access our content for free today!

Strategy n°1

Prepare a Compelling Application

Strategy n°2

Validate Your Skills

Strategy n°3

Search for Jobs in the Right Places

Strategy n°4

Apply Effectively

Strategy n°5

Ace the Job Interview

Strategy n°6

Seamlessly Integrate into Your New Team

Strategy n°7

Plan Your Next Steps