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A Successful Career in British Columbia

Dreaming of starting or advancing your career in British Columbia? Let the SDÉCB guide you through the process! Discover job opportunities that match your career aspirations, gain insights into the local market, and connect with potential employers. With our expert advice, you’ll be well-equipped for successful professional integration in the region.

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Get Ready for the Canadian Job Market!

Unlock the secrets of the Canadian job market with ASCEND, a complimentary online program crafted by Canadian experts and employers. This innovative platform is your ideal launchpad to enhance your soft skills and achieve success in your professional journey in Canada.



emploi en C.-B.

Acquire Canadian Experience Through a Bridge Job

Navigating the Canadian job market can be daunting, even with extensive experience and recognized skills. Challenges such as strict regulations, qualification discrepancies between countries, and limited opportunities in certain sectors may arise. The SDÉCB is here to assist you in defining your career goals, identifying suitable job opportunities, and connecting you with employers who are looking for your unique skills.



Embark on Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Are you captivated by the thrill of entrepreneurship? Do you have a business idea or project ready to launch into the competitive marketplace? Explore the SDÉCB’s offerings designed to help you convert your concept into a robust business plan. Join the vibrant community of Francophone entrepreneurs in British Columbia and start your entrepreneurial journey today!





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Get Personalized Support

Are you seeking advice tailored to your situation? Are you curious about the job market in British Columbia? Schedule a free appointment today with our employment advisors to explore the career opportunities available to you in the province!

Mireille Beck

Employment Services Agent for the Okanagan Region

Vincent Catherine

Employment Transition Specialist

Yannick Lolinga

Employment Services Agent

Alexandre Valy

Employment Services Agent for South Okanagan

Individualized support

7 Strategies for Professional Integration in British Columbia

Are you a Francophone immigrant striving to find qualified employment in British Columbia? Recognizing the challenges on the path to securing a position that meets your ambitions can be daunting. That’s why the SDÉCB has crafted seven strategic approaches to help you launch, grow, and thrive in your career in B.C.

7 Strategies for Job Seekers:

Stratégie n°1

Préparer une bonne candidature

Stratégie n°2

Faire reconnaître ses compétences

Stratégie n°3

Chercher un emploi aux bons endroits

Stratégie n°4

Postuler de façon efficace

Stratégie n°5

Réussir une bonne entrevue

Stratégie n°6

Bien s’intégrer à la nouvelle équipe

Stratégie n°7

Planifier la suite de votre carrière

Dive into these engaging topics with our captivating videos and detailed fact sheets to boost your chances of securing your dream job!

Interested in discovering more about these strategies? Access our content for free today!

Strategy n°1

Prepare a Compelling Application

Strategy n°2

Validate Your Skills

Strategy n°3

Search for Jobs in the Right Places

Strategy n°4

Apply Effectively

Strategy n°5

Ace the Job Interview

Strategy n°6

Seamlessly Integrate into Your New Team

Strategy n°7

Plan Your Next Steps

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Since its inception in 2017, our premier recruitment event, Speed-Jobbing, has helped hundreds of qualified candidates secure bilingual positions. This is your chance to distinguish yourself and connect with companies seeking profiles like yours!

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Interested in expanding your network, understanding the intricacies of the job market in British Columbia, or enhancing your skills? Make sure not to miss our workshops and activities! Designed for both individuals already in Canada and those abroad, our events are tailored to help you succeed. Join us and take your professional journey to the next level!

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Looking to update your resume to align with Canadian standards?

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Craft a compelling cover letter by incorporating action verbs to capture the recruiter’s interest and demonstrate your proactive approach.

Browse our list of action verbs to help you.

Curious about how your skills and credentials are recognized in Canada?

Explore our series of videos on in-demand occupations in Canada.

Are you eligible for the Francophone Mobility Program and want to assist your employer with the process?

Check out our detailed, step-by-step guide to facilitate the application process!

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