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Enhance Your School Programs with Hands-On Workshops

Give your students a head start on their professional futures with our diverse range of customizable workshops! Explore our innovative and interactive workshops designed to foster skills in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and employability.

We collaborate with teachers and professors from kindergarten through university to create tailored activities that cater to the needs of students at all educational levels.

Programmes scolaires francophones

Our Workshops

Explore Our 2023-2024 Program

Enrich your francophone school programs

Relevant and Innovative Workshops

Every year, the SDECB team updates its offerings to provide workshops that align with your needs and those of your students. Explore our brochure to discover our latest additions and our “Favourites” workshops.

Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that November is dedicated to financial literacy? On this occasion, the SDÉCB provides free workshops in Francophone and French immersion schools to raise awareness among young people about money management and use!


Our impact in 2023

Students Served
Schools Reached
Partner Universities
Participations in Career and Job Fairs

Take Advantage of the Vice-Versa Grant

The Vice-Versa Program fosters partnerships between schools and communities with the goal of enhancing the vitality and development of Francophone minority communities in Canada, as well as supporting identity building in students from kindergarten to grade 12.

You can receive up to $1,500 in grants for youth workshops under this program. Contact us, and we will handle the application process for you!

Addressing the Challenges of University Students

Workshops to Navigate the Job Market

As graduation nears, students often find themselves with countless questions: How to write a resume and cover letter? How to stand out in their first interview? How to set career goals? We tackle these important topics through interactive workshops that can be conducted online or right at your university!

Tailored Workshops and Events!

Are you interested in organizing a career fair or an activity related to the professional or economic world? Take advantage of our expertise! Contact us to discuss how we can help implement your initiative!

Need More Information?

Are you looking for information about our youth-focused services? Please contact our Youth Project Coordinator:

Félixe Jacques

Economic Development Coordinator - Youth