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Let's Collaborate in Hiring Your Future Talent!

Are you in search of new talent? The SDÉCB team provides personalized assistance and advantageous programs to streamline the recruitment of qualified French-speaking candidates. Take advantage of a pool of bilingual candidates (French, English) who are adept at swiftly integrating and excelling within your company or organization.

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solutions for recruitment challenges

Revolutionary Solutions for Recruitment Challenges

Our service offering has been crafted to tackle the evolving realities and challenges influencing the job market in British Columbia.



Proven Expertise and Recognized Know-How

For over 25 years, the SDÉCB has been dedicated to supporting the economic development of businesses, through projects and services aimed at revitalizing and promoting the Francophone community in British Columbia.

accompagnement personnalisé en recrutement pour les employeurs francophones et anglophones de la Colombie-Britannique

Robust Partnerships and Extensive Network

We take pride in our partnerships with key organizations, including IEC-BC, WorkBC, and IRCC. Additionally, we benefit from a vast and loyal network of entrepreneurs and employers.

Individualized support

The 7 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Candidates

Are you a young company or a novice recruiter seeking guidance for recruiting your next talents while prioritizing the well-being of your employees within your organization? The SDÉCB offers you a tool specifically designed to support you through this process, highlighting 7 essential strategies!

Strategy n°1

Prepare Your Company for Recruitment

Strategy n°2

Learn How to Clearly Describe the Vacant Position

Strategy n°3

How to Recruit Abroad?

Strategy n°4

Successfully Hire the Right Person

Strategy n°5

Facilitate Employee Onboarding

Strategy n°6

How to Build a Solid Team

Strategy n°7

Ensure Employee Retention

The 7 Strategies for Employers

Discover these engaging topics through captivating videos and detailed fact sheets to enhance your recruitment skills.

Interested in delving deeper into these strategies? Access our content for free!

Recruitment via the Francophone Mobility Program

The Francophone Mobility Program is an advantageous solution allowing Canadian employers outside Quebec to recruit French-speaking or bilingual foreign workers simply and quickly.

Join Our Recruitment Events!

Join our bilingual (French, English) recruitment events and meet qualified French-speaking or bilingual candidates, pre-selected for the positions you offer.

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