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Strengthening Community Economic Development

Since its inception, the SDÉCB has dedicated itself to aiding Francophone organizations with their community economic initiatives.

Every year, our team provides robust support to non-profit organizations, enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities and assisting in the fruition of their economic and community endeavors. We work across various sectors such as early childhood, education, and sustainable development, among others, to create a meaningful and enduring effect within the heart of the Francophone community.

community economic development

Our expertise

Our Specialized Support for Non-Profit Organizations

Supporting Economic and Community Initiatives

Does your project hold economic and community value? From initiation to promotion, the SDÉCB backs economic initiatives that enhance the Francophone community’s influence.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  • Economic and tourism projects led by the Francophone community.
  • Initiators of early childhood and education projects.
  • Francophone associations aiming to adopt eco-responsible practices in their project management.
  • All community projects that have an economic impact.
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Promoting Skill Development and Strengthening Entrepreneurial Capabilities

As an organization, having the right tools and promoting effective management practices are crucial for project success and organizational sustainability. To meet these challenges, the SDÉCB assists Francophone associations in developing their skills and bolstering their entrepreneurial capabilities.

To accomplish this, the SDÉCB utilizes its expertise and mandates to tackle the economic challenges faced by non-profit organizations, including diversifying funding sources.

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SDÉCB: Your Facilitator in Economic Development

Are you seeking partners or collaborators to facilitate workshops, organize community events, or develop new resources for the Francophone community? We are eager to support your economic initiatives and collaborate with you!

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Completed Projects

Our Achievements

Early Childhood Community Initiatives

From 2021 to 2023, the SDÉCB partnered with the Federation of Francophone Parents of BC (FPFCB) on the French-speaking daycares project, which significantly increased the availability of childcare spaces and enhanced the entrepreneurial skills of daycare staff. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of two new childcare centers, providing 16 additional spots for children aged 0 to 5, and facilitated the annual recruitment and training of 5 new employees.

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Francophone Community Projects

  • In partnership with the Federation of Francophones of BC (FFCB), the SDÉCB has leveraged its expertise to develop and promote podcasts centered on financial literacy and strategic planning. These topics are designed to fulfill the need for entrepreneurial skills among Francophone associations in BC.

  • Under the Welcoming Francophone Community initiative of Prince George, established in 2018 by the Circle of French Canadians of Prince George (CCFPG), the SDÉCB has contributed its knowledge to enhance the economic integration of immigrants in this municipality. This included providing video resources and conducting employment workshops for immigrants in the area.
  • In 2010, the SDÉCB played a pivotal role in ensuring the involvement of the British Columbian Francophone community in the socio-economic activities related to the Olympic Games. This initiative culminated in the creation of the Place de la Francophonie, an agrotourism pavilion on Granville Island, significantly boosting the visibility and participation of the Francophone community during the event.


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Tourism Community Projects

For many years, the SDÉCB has collaborated with RDÉE Canada, the provincial government, the tourism industry, and Francophone organizations in British Columbia to enhance bilingualism across the province through tourism initiatives. This partnership has led to the creation of three regional circuits that highlight sites and locations significant to the Francophone community. These tours offer visitors an opportunity to quickly immerse themselves in the rich Francophone history, culture, and heritage of British Columbia.

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Discover More About the FDEFP Funding Program

The Pacific Francophone Economic Development Fund (FDEF) is dedicated to promoting and financially supporting indigenous economic development through projects designed and implemented by Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs) in British Columbia.

For detailed information about the projects we’ve funded recently and the conditions of this funding program, please visit our dedicated page on the FDEF program.

Dedicated to Economic and Sustainable Community Development

As part of our dedication to sustainable development, the SDÉCB actively promotes awareness and assists our employees, partners, and clients in integrating eco-responsible practices into their daily routines.

Explore British Columbia in French

To inspire its community, tourists, and future immigrants to discover British Columbia, the SDÉCB relies on the expertise of its tourism industry partners and leverages current market trends to offer itineraries and circuits showcasing the Francophone heritage and culture, the regional diversity, the richness of the land, and the province’s most beautiful natural attractions, while always providing authentic experiences.