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Give a Boost to Your Professional Projects

Whether you seek to launch or grow your business, find a job or recruit new talent… We offer programs designed to support you and provide you with the tools you need to succeed at every stage of your journey.

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Our Programs for Entrepreneurs

Mentorat individuel pour entrepreneurs

Individual Mentoring

Sharing your doubts and thoughts, developing your skills, gaining confidence, reducing stress, breaking isolation, and improving decision making skills: this is what mentoring can offer you! Join our program now.

If you wish to be a mentor and share your experience, join the adventure!

Group Mentoring for Women

Draw on group synergy to grow your business in nine weeks! Group mentoring for women entrepreneurs connects you with other Francophones passionate about entrepreneurial development. Supported by an experienced mentor, benefit from an online program!

Autres services

Our Programs for Job Seekers

Succeed in your Job Search and Integration in Canada

The ASCEND program allows you to learn what you need to succeed in your job search and integration in Canada from Canadian employers. Developed by Canadian professionals and employers, this free online program is the ideal preparation to help newcomers succeed in their job search and integration in Canada.

job offers in BC

7 Strategies for Success in Your Career in British Columbia

Are you a Francophone immigrant actively seeking a qualified job in British Columbia? Are you aware that the path to a position matching your aspirations can be fraught with obstacles? The SDÉCB has developed 7 strategies to support you in launching, developing, and succeeding in your career in B.C.

Program for Employers

7 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Are you new to the world of entrepreneurship or recruitment, seeking advice on finding your next talents while ensuring the well-being of your employees within your organization? The SDÉCB provides you with a tool specifically designed to guide you through this process, highlighting 7 essential strategies!