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Services aux entreprises en Colombie-Britannique

French-Speaking Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Network in British Columbia

Considering launching your own venture or expanding your current business? You’re not alone! Tap into the support of a network of French-speaking businesswomen and entrepreneurs in British Columbia and leverage the services provided by the SDÉCB team.

French-Speaking Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs

What is Femmes d’affaires en mouvement (FAM)?

Femmes d’Affaires en Mouvement (FAM) is a dynamic community of over 300 women entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing their leadership, expanding their network, and refining their entrepreneurial skills.

Established in 2004, FAM offers women the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, exchange insights on challenges and triumphs, and forge meaningful relationships.

Through our monthly gatherings, available both online and in person, you can translate theory into action by broadening your network, accessing support and guidance, and boosting your visibility within the FAM network.

Other services

Exclusive Networking Opportunities Tailored for Women!

femmes entrepreneures en Colombie-Britannique

Group Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

Leverage the power of collaborative group dynamics to propel your project forward. Our group mentoring program for women entrepreneurs provides a platform for you to connect and engage with fellow Francophone businesswomen, all while receiving invaluable support from a seasoned mentor. Best of all, this program is accessible online for your convenience!

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French-Speaking Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs

FAM Meetings

Attend our FAM meetings every month, either in person or virtually. Connect with fellow women entrepreneurs, share your experiences, gain fresh perspectives, and enrich your knowledge to drive your business forward.

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French-Speaking Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs

Stay connected!

Join our private Facebook group dedicated to Francophone women entrepreneurs in British Columbia and take advantage of this platform to stay connected with other businesswomen, share your news, ask questions, and find out about upcoming events.

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Other services

Unlocking Business Development: Explore Our Dedicated Service

Individualized Consulting Services

Receive personalized guidance through our consulting services. Whether you’re crafting a business plan, launching new products, or strategizing your marketing approach, our experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

This service is complimentary and accessible both in person in Vancouver and Kelowna, as well as online!


Individual Mentoring

Unlock your potential by sharing your doubts and thoughts, honing your skills, gaining confidence, reducing stress, overcoming isolation, and enhancing decision-making through a mentoring relationship. Don’t hesitate any longer; enroll in our individual mentoring program today.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor and sharing your valuable experience, join the adventure with us as well!


Expert Workshops

The Business Services team presents a program of monthly activities tailored to accommodate your schedule and requirements. Whether held in person in Vancouver and Kelowna or conducted online, these activities are open to all!



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