From promoting and boosting talent to steering projects, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) strives daily to provide a voice, a space and tools for the Francophone and Francophile business community of British Columbia.

In its task to connect the economy and the Francophone community, the SDECB boasts a team of business and entrepreneurship experts who motivate, support and help to launch entrepreneurs with innovative projects, companies seeking young people at the beginning of their career, or skilled newcomers and economic sectors with emerging needs.

The SDECB works continually to energize and guide Francophone and Francophile stakeholders through various initiatives, consulting services and programs. Acting as a true advocate for the interests of the Francophone economic sector, a disseminator of economic information, and cultivator of initiatives that promote a thriving business community in British Columbia, the SDECB creates stimulating employment projects, puts in place services tailored for local companies, and works to upgrade economic sectors that have a shortage of workers and skills, as well as developing sectors.

The SDECB deals on a daily basis with the aspirations and needs of the Francophone business community in British Columbia, by representing, spearheading and steering the economic milieu in French, all free of charge. With strong expertise and a desire to see a flourishing independent economy in French, the SDECB provides information and advice for the benefit of our clients in British Columbia.

Sharing, communication and representation are the three pillars that make the SDECB a crucial partner in the development of a bright future for British Columbia. A future where the Francophone and Francophile business community is continually developing, with accomplished entrepreneurs and enriched knowledge and know-how. Hence our promise to provide expert services free of charge, in French for all business clients, women entrepreneurs, youth, immigrants, and newcomers so that they can carry out their entrepreneurial, business, career or integration plans.