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Bouchon Bistro: French charm and quality on the menu

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Bouchon Bistro: French charm and quality on the menu

Bouchon Bistro is, before all things, two foodies’ creation named Stéphane and Béatrice Façon. When Stéphane visited Kelowna in 2014, he was immediately charmed with the beauty of the landscapes, the climate, and the business potential thanks to the quality of the local products. This is how the small Parisian family moved from New Brunswick where they had already been staying for several years.

Bouchon Bistro’s top priority is to offer the best service and 100% French food. Indeed, if you want to feast and enjoy the charm and French elegance, you can get tempted by the appetizing foie gras, warm your heart with a good cassoulet and hear the waves while savoring a succulent bouillabaisse. So many dishes or even desserts (like their delicious cannelés) will make you travel everywhere in France and for much cheaper than a plane ticket! Stéphane and Béatrice’s goal: offering the generous experience of traditional and gastronomic cuisine.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has impacted the family bistro: “We lost sales during COVID-19.” Stéphane tells us. “However, it allowed us to develop take-out sales, something we had never done before. But it was a real blow. Before the crisis, we were a team of around 20 people. Now there are only ten of us. Managing the reopening without help such as the CERB will surely lead to a drop in consumption from which our restaurant will suffer. We have prepared our site this summer to make it as welcoming as possible with a patio equipped with heaters to encourage people who still have a fear of the pandemic to get together in the open air, with their friends or their family.”

In addition to the development of their site, Bouchon Bistro constantly innovates on menus and products as offering new and homemade pâtés. Go have a look and say hello to Stéphane, Béatrice, and their team!


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