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Adapting your CV for British Columbia: tips and tricks

Are you a job seeker who needs a helping hand to find the right position for you? It starts with building your resume!

Join the SDÉCB team and Jean-François Filion for an interactive workshop on building the ideal CV for British Columbia.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll discover the tricks you can use to make your resume stand out from the crowd and meet the expectations of BC employers.

Participate in an enriching experience where you can build a 5-step C.V., ask questions, share ideas and explore other aspects of job search preparation in British Columbia.

To make this workshop as effective as possible, participants are asked to search for two job offers in their sector of activity with a different NOC (National Occupational Classification) code. To find out which NOC code your job offers correspond to, please refer to this link:

Objectives of this workshop :

  • Understand the specifics of professional resumes in British Columbia
  • Identify the pitfalls to avoid when writing a C.V. (Do & Don’t)
  • Understand a job offer to adapt your C.V.
  • Leave with a solid resume base after the workshop.

About Jean-François Filion

A public health manager and employability consultant, Jean-François has devoted his career to addressing the various social determinants of health, with a particular focus on the socio-economic integration of at-risk youth and new arrivals. Convinced that such integration is essential for a flourishing society and fulfilling lives, he has focused his efforts on this fundamental pillar.

For more than twenty years in the Greater Vancouver area, Jean-François, a certified B.C. employment counselor, has played an active role in numerous projects aimed at facilitating the integration of newcomers into the job market. His unwavering commitment to this cause has resulted in innovative initiatives and fruitful partnerships, offering tangible opportunities to individuals seeking to establish themselves in their new community.

Practical information :

  • Free online event
  • Connection required from 8:45 am to resolve any technical difficulties
  • Please submit the two job offers with different NOC codes related to Vincent Catherine: (see explanation above).



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