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Careers and training in British Columbia

Workshop in french

Join the SDÉCB and SkilledTradesBC team for an immersive session where you’ll discover the career opportunities awaiting you in the trades in British Columbia. SkilledTradesBC, specialists in vocational training, will guide you through the different facets of trades and training programs leading to certification.

During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to :

  • Explore the resources and services offered by SkilledTradesBC, an essential reference for those considering a career in the trades.
  • Learn about the trades apprenticeship system in British Columbia and understand the steps required to become certified.
  • Discover how to have your credentials and experience in the field recognized, opening the door to new professional opportunities.
  • Join us for an enriching experience where you can ask questions, share ideas and explore the endless possibilities of trades in British Columbia.

About SkilledTradesBC

Working with employers and industry partners, we advocate the highest standards in training, issue accreditations, support apprentices, fund programs and promote a wide range of rewarding careers in the trades. We’re building Canada’s most diverse and sustainable workforce by supporting equitable access to the skilled trades and helping British Columbians unleash their potential, creating a world-class workforce, one career path at a time.

This workshop will be led by Sébastien Paquet, SkilledTradesBC’s British Columbia Apprenticeship Advisor.


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