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Francophone entrepreneurs: Carmelis, cheese for all tastes

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Passion for homemade, cheese and regional products from a serial entrepreneur!

If you are looking for a gastronomic getaway and awakening your taste buds, Sandra Proulx has everything you can dream of! Cheesemaker since 2013, her temper to be self-sufficient has led her on the exhilarating roads of entrepreneurship and the Okanagan.

Not only she is a passionate cheesemaker but also a graduate in Neuroscience and Biology. She started her first company, Chaga Borea, in 2014 in the field of medicinal mushrooms. In 2015, Sandra joined the company Terroir Cheese. She, who considers making delicious cheese both a science and an art, went on to win the bronze medal at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the following year. In 2018, Sandra pursued her entrepreneurial saga and bought Terroir Cheese. She finally acquired Carmelis, a small family company specializing in the manufacture of goat cheese in 2019.

This fall, come and enjoy Sandra’s specialties! Homemade gelato, a broad variety of products with different types of milk (goat, cow, and recently water buffalo), recipes based on wild mushrooms… A true delight! Her motto? Finding the right product for each customer. Indeed, our serial entrepreneur has thought of everything and has also developed products for people who are lactose intolerant.

COVID-19 has, of course, disrupted her flourishing business. Sandra confesses:

“Terroir Cheese needed to adapt to the pandemic. Most of our market was direct sales through our store in Kelowna, markets, events, and restaurants. Our sales have plummeted. We had to turn to distributors in large urban centers, which reduced our profit margin.”

Always with an eye on the future and due to the growing demand for her products, a larger cheese factory will be opened in the Shuswap. In the small town of Enderby, Sandra is planning the development of a new store where she will offer her local products, and in addition, a small integrated daily restaurant will serve a bit of everything… especially cheese, obviously!

  • Website :
  • Facebook : @carmelisgoatcheese
  • Adress  170 Timberline rd, Kelowna, BC


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