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French-speaking entrepreneurs : Vegilante tempeh producer

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Vegilante’s tempeh is a high-protein alternative to tofu or meat. Tempeh is a fermented food with a more compact texture and a slightly more pronounced taste than tofu.

Vegilante, tempeh made in the Okanagan

Martin Rivard, the founder of Vegilante, delivers an artisanal and authentic organic product, obtained thanks to the principles of traditional production. Different ingredients made from chickpeas and different varieties of beans (black, soybean and azuki) are used to make this plant-based food.

Thanks to Martin and his team, it becomes easy to turn to veganism and discover natural products full of plant-based protein. His objective? To make eating plants simple, accessible, and healthy.

This green-thumbed entrepreneur moved to Kelowna about 5 years ago. Charmed by the lifestyle and the structure of the city, neither too big nor too small, he decided to embark on the adventure of making tempeh to fill a gap in the market. Martin is not short of ambitious projects and plans to develop tofu production and pasteurized tempeh. He has adapted relatively well to the pandemic by adding an online sales and home delivery service.

If you want to chat with Martin and learn more about tempeh, come see him at the Earth to Table Vegan Market on September 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at House of Rose Winery in Kelowna.


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