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The SDECB strives every day to give a voice and tools to businesses in B.C., to enable them to reach their growth objectives, in an increasingly global and competitive economy. Well aware of the difficulties that employers encounter in meeting their staffing needs and facing the challenges involved in hiring immigrant workers, the SDECB offers a package of solutions to help employers with selecting, recruiting, integrating and retaining Francophone or bilingual skilled talents.


Customized services to help employers in British Columbia to:

The process of recruiting an immigrant workforce can sometimes prove to be complex and tedious. The SDECB makes every effort to facilitate the recruitment of skilled Francophone candidates, by supporting you throughout the process, from publishing your job offers to integrating new talents into your organization. In addition to informing you about the different service offerings and solutions that can be of assistance to you, the SDECB helps you to identify and connect with candidates who are especially qualified for the positions that you want to fill, while supporting you to implement a strategy for selecting candidates and evaluating their competencies.

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Developing a culture of openness and an inclusive working environment contributes significantly to the smooth integration and productivity of immigrant workers. The SDECB provides local businesses with all of the knowledge and skills, tools and advice that they might need in order to promote and facilitate a diverse and productive workforce. To do so, it raises awareness among business owners of the benefits of an inclusive working environment, and supports them in deploying a continuous improvement approach to create optimal conditions for growth and staff retention.

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Skilled Talents

The variety of training and education, skills and experiences of immigrant candidates allows companies to benefit from diverse approaches and know-how, which fosters their productivity and growth.


In an increasingly global economy, bilingualism is becoming a major asset for British Columbia
businesses that aim to grow nationally and internationally.  


Cultural diversity is a source of innovation and creativity. It stimulates productivity, promotes working together in harmony, and reduces turn-over. Businesses that recruit a more diverse workforce tend to have greater appeal for other talents, while at the same time building cohesive and long-lasting teams.



The Francophone Mobility Program is an economical solution enabling Canadian employers outside of Quebec
to quickly and easily recruit Francophone or bilingual foreign workers.

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The must-attend recruitment event for meeting skilled Francophone or bilingual candidates,
pre-selected for the positions that you are offering.

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Throughout the year, the SDECB offers different activities, in the form of practical workshops, information sessions, and meetings between entrepreneurs.

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Employment Services Officer – Francophone Economic Integration Program

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Thanks again for inviting us to the recent Job Fair, as always, please let me know when you have another scheduled bilingual one.

Maria Agatep, G4S Aviation

We would like to thank you for having us at the Bilingual Speed Jobbing Fair on Thursday 18 April! It was a great pleasure to meet with candidates and other recruiters!

Irina Genova, Sage

Thank you so much to you and your team for all the valuable assistance during the Speed-Jobing event on April 18 2019. It was quite interactive session with the candidates, and I am hoping to bring-in some great talents from the event.

Hricha Thakur, Rogers Communications