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Are you a Francophone immigrant looking for a skilled job in British Columbia? Well aware of the difficulties that you might encounter in finding a job that matches your ambitions and qualifications, the SDECB offers a suite of customized tools and services to help you to launch, develop and succeed in your career plan in B.C.

Every year, our teams successfully coach more than 450 newcomers in their professional and entrepreneurial careers!


Free, practical services in French to help Francophone newcomers in British Columbia to:

As a Francophone immigrant in British Columbia, whether you are a newcomer or have already been settled for some time, finding a job can be frustrating and disappointing. You might encounter obstacles to achieving your career goals, such as the language barrier, degree/diploma equivalency, skills recognition or the organizational culture. The SDECB can provide you with the knowledge, tools and advice that you need to understand the specific characteristics of the local job market, the values and norms of the Canadian work world, and best practices to adopt for a smooth integration.

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Even if you have experience and competencies that are recognized in your country of origin, it can happen that you will not find the job that you were hoping for in Canada. Certain occupations might, for example, be subject to specific regulations, and the same job title can conceal certain realities, or require different qualifications from one country to another; or the profession or occupation that you practised in your country of origin might not be in demand to the same extent in Canada. The SDECB’s teams can guide you in defining your career goals, can direct you to jobs that are stepping stones to other opportunities, and to alternative careers where you can grow and realize your full potential. Our teams can also connect you with employers seeking someone with your profile and skills.

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To be eligible for our employment assistance services, you must be Francophone and must have one of the following statuses:

In the process of obtaining permanent residency

You have been selected, as an applicant living in Canada or abroad, to obtain permanent residency.

Permanent resident

You have obtained
permanent resident
in Canada.

Temporary foreign worker

You hold a work permit
and have obtained first-stage approval for permanent resident status.

Naturalized Canadian citizen

You obtained
Canadian citizenship
after being
a permanent resident


Francophone Mobility

The Francophone Mobility Program is an economical solution enabling Francophone or bilingual foreign workers to be recruited, quickly and easily, by Canadian employers outside of Quebec.



The must-attend recruitment event for Francophone or bilingual candidates seeking a skilled job in British Columbia! Participate in pre-scheduled 10-minute interviews with employers looking for workers with profiles such as yours



Designed for immigrants seeking skilled employment in Canada, Ascend is an innovative, free online program developed by Canadian professionals and employers. It is the perfect preparation for finding a skilled job in Canada.

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