A wide-ranging expertise to help you better carve out your place

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a newcomer, a businesswoman, or a young Francophone, the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDECB) works every day to help you.

With its longstanding business expertise and numerous partnerships with the Francophone community, it has all the resources in hand to help you turn your ideas and projects into reality. The SDECB offers you support and advice, no matter where you are headed.

Services of the SDECB


Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? The SDECB is your best asset to propel your ideas, to guide your decisions and to build a solid springboard for your future business.

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The SDECB team provides a suite of customized employment assistance services, intended for local employers seeking new talents, and for Francophone or bilingual immigrant candidates looking for a skilled job in British Columbia.

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Sustainable Development

Helping you develop a sustainable economy is one of our commitments ! The SDECB supports and assists entrepreneurs and Francophone organizations wishing to adopt an approach in favour of sustainable development

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Community Development

développement durable et organismes francophones

The SDECB invests in community economic development through the creation of economic projects in various domains and by supporting Francophone organizations in strengthening their entrepreneurial capacities.

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Discovering and visiting British Columbia in French is possible. Discover our directory of tourism activities available in French that are offered around BC. Entrepreneurs, join our directory!

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Discover the services and programs available to young francophones in British Columbia.

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Retrouvez des informations et ressources pratiques concernant la COVID-19. L’équipe de la SDECB est là pour soutenir les entreprises impactées par cette pandémie.

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