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Cannabis in Canada: review of four years of legalization

Described by several big “social experimentation”, the legalization by the Canadian government of the cannabis for non-medical purposes has been talked about a lot. Four years after the law came into effect, we take a look at the economical impact of [...]

2022-11-24T23:06:33-08:0011 October 2022|Categories: Économie déchiffrée|Tags: |

Metaverse: The future of internet or a technology without a future?

It is expected that the forthcoming “metaverse” (a term composed of “meta” and “universe”) will change our relationship with the internet. Is this expectation right or is it another example where the hype outweighs the innovation? Put on your headset and [...]

2022-11-24T23:27:14-08:0014 September 2022|Categories: Économie déchiffrée|Tags: |

Entrepreneurs Francophones : Alain Tremblay couvreur professionnel et entrepreneur

Alain Tremblay ; Couvreur professionnel et fondateur d' AT Roofing  Nous savons tous à quel point il est important de se sentir au chaud et en sécurité chez soi et que les fondations mêmes de notre logis et leur pérennité [...]

2022-01-04T10:33:22-08:004 January 2022|Categories: Entrepreneuriat, Entrepreneurs|

Entrepreneurial words: Christian Héno and Movement Therapy

Since 2014, Christian has been teaching martial arts, meditation, Qi gong, and essential life skills to help kids with special needs. In this interview, discover his background and his company! How would you describe what you do? I teach a specialized [...]

#5 Adapting to COVID-19: West Coast Educational Adventures

François-Xavier Gagnon, the owner of West Coast Educational Adventures shares his experience with COVID-19.  What services/products does your company offer? Who are the customers of your company?  We work in adventure tourism. We offer outdoor training: avalanche safety, leadership [...]

2021-04-19T14:19:57-07:0020 May 2020|Categories: Entrepreneuriat, Entrepreneurs|