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Entrepreneurial words: Christian Héno and Movement Therapy

Since 2014, Christian has been teaching martial arts, meditation, Qi gong, and essential life skills to help kids with special needs. In this interview, discover his background and his company! How would you describe what you do? I teach a specialized [...]

Entrepreneurial Words: Sylvie Allouche, entrepreneur since 2001!

Since 2001 Sylvie Allouche has been a personal development coach. The opportunities offered to her have allowed her to practice her profession in many different countries. Today, from her office in North Vancouver, she shares her entrepreneurial experience! How would you [...]

Entrepreneurial Words: Marion Ziller, Immigration Consultant

Marion Ziller began the entrepreneurial adventure in 2019. Specialized in the field of immigration, Marion shares her first steps as a young woman entrepreneur in British Columbia in this interview. How did you get the idea of starting your business? While [...]

Entrepreneurial Words: Gaëtan Nerincx, photographer in BC

Gaëtan, who is based in British Columbia, decided to launch his photography business in Vancouver in 2014. After several years of operations, he shares his experience as an entrepreneur with us. How did you come up with the idea of starting [...]

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